The Career of Dealmaker Frank Magliato

Frank MagliatoWith all sorts of business experience in his back ground over many years, Frank Magliato has been working hard to sharpen his business acumen in many ways. Not long ago, Frank served as the President of Saddle River Associates & Company, one of the finest private equity firms in the world. Under his guidance, that firm has a specialty in corporate transactions, based on the $500 million-plus worth of projects they completed when Frank was in charge, including the huge sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to Del Monte and a $150 million Panamanian real estate development project.

Many of his clients have described Frank Magliato as an investment professional uniquely capable and qualified to identify the best business opportunities and to act on them at the most opportune time for each individual client. That’s the key; he treats every client as an individual. Frank certainly seems able to view each opportunity from many different angles, which seems to make virtually any situation work. After all, his background includes more than 35 years’ experience in public and private equity transactions in almost every area of the economy.